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BtoB Met 3,000 Melody On Their Third Generation Fan Meeting

By Siti Fatimah | March 06, 2017 08:01 AM EST

BtoB has just released their MV for new song "Movie." Having comeback with tenth mini album, they have a new concept to offer. Recently, they held the third generation fanmeeting of the fan club, Melody, and many were coming.

According to AllKpop, BtoB held their third generation fan meeting at University Hwajung Gymnasium, Korea. Having the name "BtoB's Secret Room" for the fan meeting, there were about 5,000 fans came. During the fan meeting, the boys performed "Movie" and "Someday" from their new mini album "Feel'eM."

Meanwhile, BtoB's comeback has been waited by Melody. Previously, BtoB has released some teaser images, and tracks for the album. They also released short clips to make fans curious. Having a new concept with their gentlemen image, BtoB's title track, "Movie" has been anticipated a lot.

Fans could finally watch their MV for "Movie" on March 6. As reported by Kpopmap, BtoB showed a great potential as they put their own written song and tried a new style of music. The song "Movie" is catchy song with nice lyric about asking a girl to accept the boy's love. The boy wants the love to be as sweet as a movie even though the girl has wounded past.

This new mini album consists of 5 songs. Along with the title track "Movie," there are "About Time," "Rock N HipHop," "Mal man Hae (Simply Tell)," and "Someday." This mini album is predicted to be great as there are many new things on this concept. Also, their vocalization has improved a lot.

BtoB's popularity has been increasing since the appearance of Sungjae in many variety shows and dramas. Moreover, the boys have been opened more about their struggle. Previously, Peniel has shared his worry and the reason why he got bald. Public knew them more and respected them as they were working really hard. Having released new mini album, they will work hard to promote it.

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