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UP10TION Set A Record For Most Sold-Out Debut Album By K-Pop Artist Of All Time With 'ID'

By Siti Fatimah | March 09, 2017 09:45 PM EST

UP10TION is a rookie group formed in 2015. Under the label of TOP Media, the boy group debuted with mini album "Top Secret." Making the appearances in Japan since last year, their Japanese single "ID" has set a record for them.

As reported by AllKpop, the Japanese single album "ID" became the most-sold debut album by a K-Pop artist of all time. They succeeded selling over 167,000 copies and landed number 3 on the daily Oricon album chart. The previous record was held by EXO's "Love Me Right" which was sold 147,000 copies.

UP10TION was in number 3 on Oricon album chart below Morning Musume'17 in number 2 and Sandaime J Soul Brothers. It shows that UP10TION is really popular in Japan. Moreover, they placed number 1 on Tower Records daily album chart.

Previously, UP10TION had showcased the "ID" live in Tokyo on March 8. It was flooded with fans as they were so excited with the first Japanese single. Before having the first Japanese single, UP10TION has caught attention in Japan even with Korean albums. The reason behind it is that they had promoted in Japan since last year. They held many fan meetings in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, and more and thus they have strong base fans already, reported by Kpopmap.

It was reported that after the release, fans were flooded to Tower Records to buy the album. Having reached such a record, UP10TION is really happy and they will have another showcase On March 10. After releasing the MV for "ID" on Feb. 27, the boys released the dance version on March 6. It was like a surprise to fans and they were flooding YouTube to give comments and likes.

The choreography of the song is so nice and the group dances in unity really well. With the success for the Japanese debut, UP10TION is sure to be anticipated among boy groups in the future.

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