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BIG BANG News & Updates: T.O.P's Sister Asks Fans To Stop Sending Him Food While Training So He Won't Get In Trouble

By Angie Chui | March 14, 2017 05:46 PM EDT

Fans of BIG BANG's T.O.P. were understandably worried about the K-pop idol's health last week when it was reported he failed to attend his training completion rites at Nonsan Military base due to health issues. But now, it seems that T.O.P. is back in shape and is asking his fans for a different kind of support in the next phase of his training.

In an Instagram post by T.O.P's sister Choi Hye Youn, she relayed T.O.P's gratitude for his supporters but said that he needs their help in fulfilling his mandatory service without any problems. Hye Youn shared that she has recently spoken to her brother who is now training in Byukjae, reported SBS Pop Asia.

According to Hye Youn, her brother asked for her help in telling the fans to stop sending him food at the training center. She explained that part of the policy of the Byukjae training center is that food deliveries are forbidden. Trainees who get food delivered are penalized.

"My little brother contacted me. He's now done training in Nonsan and he's now in Byukjae for the second half of his training," she posted."He said that the Byukjae training center forbids food delivery, so if he gets any, he'll get penalized, so you really can't send him any.. because he'll be in trouble if he gets penalized.."

It may be difficult not to show their love for the K-pop idol that they have freely shown their support for over 11 years in BIG BANG but they can find an alternative venue to vent their longing for T.O.P. While it may be a while before BIG BANG reunites with G-Dragon, Taeyang, Daesung and Seungri also scheduled for mandatory enlistment, there is a last chance to see them together again through the "2017 BIG BANG Welcoming Collection, reported Kpopstarz.

Taeyang admitted that the time capsule interviews featured on the DVD may well be one of the last times that the fans will see them together in a good long while. He and G-Dragon are set for mandatory enlistment within the year while remaining members Daesung and Seungri may enlist in 2019. G-Dragon and Taeyang have been confirmed to be working on solo albums that are scheduled for release this year.

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