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GOT7 Breaks Their Own Record For Album Selling And Number of Views On YouTube For 'Flight Log: Arrival'

By Siti Fatimah | March 14, 2017 06:04 PM EDT

GOT7 breaks their own record for "Never Ever" views on YouTube and album selling of "Flight Log: Arrival."
GOT7's new album has just been released on March 13. After its release, the number of views of title track "Never Ever" and album selling has increased from previous record.. (Photo : jypentertainment/YouTube)

GOT7 has just released their new album "Flight Log: Arrival." As the third album of the Flight Log album series, the title track MV "Never Ever," has been flooded by Igot7. Getting satisfying number of views on YouTube, the preorder albums have been sold over than 200,000 copies.

According to AllKpop, even before its release, the album "Flight Log: Arrival" had sold over 220,000 copies. The preorder sale is amazing and it seems that the overall sale will increase from the previous album. It has been noted that the album selling of "Flight Log: Turbulence" was 230,000 copies as a total from preorder and regular sales. With its high numbers just in preorder selling, GOT7 seems to hit their goal.

GOT7 got better every time they came up with their comeback. Upon the release of the new single "Never Ever," they broke the record of their own, by having increased number upon 1 hour of its release. As reported by SweetSweetKpop, the number of views of "Never Ever" was 1 million after 5 hours of its release. Meanwhile, their previous single "Hard Carry" got 1 million after 9 hours of its release. It means that GOT7 has surpassed the previous record.

GOT7 broke their own record not only for number of views on YouTube. For the regular selling of the album, they got 30,000 copies sold just in 2 hours after its release. Compared to their previous album "Flight Log: Turbulence," it was sold 20,000 copies for a day after the release. The boys have stepped up their game for sure.

Meanwhile, GOT7 has just showcased their new title track, along with other songs on Vlive. They thanked Igot7 to always support them. On the showcase, sadly, Jackson couldn't join the members as he was still resting for his health. GOT7 will soon have their comeback on stage and fans will be able to see the complete members after Jackson gets better.

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