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Clazziquai’s Alex Opened Up His Feeling Following Recent Break-Up With Rainbow’s Hyunyoung

By Ina | March 15, 2017 06:13 AM EDT

It's been a month for Clazziquai's member, Alex, to recover from his heartbreak after breaking up with Rainbow's Hunyoung. Even though it was a mutual breakup, there's no denying that both Alex and Hyunyoung finds a hard time to recover from the separation.

Just recently, Alex appeared in public for the first time since the breakup storm hit. The Clazziquai member was invited as guest star at Olive's TV "What Shall We Eat Today?" on March 4, Soompi reported. Alex looked great wearing a striped shirt and was up to answer any questions that the MC's going to ask, including how he handled his breakup with Hyunyoung. Alex didn't have anything to hide so he answered the question lightly without any hesitations.

During the program he revealed that the breakup was the right thing to do. Both Alex and Hyunyoung were preoccupied with their schedules and working out a relationship seemed like a bad idea at the moment. Clazziquai's Alex also said that he and Hyunyoung still maintain a good relationship as friends and keep supporting each other although they're not together as a couple.

Clazziquai's Alex and Hyunyoung called off their romantic relationship back in February after being together for a year and a half. The couple claimed that their hectic schedules had been standing in the way. Some reports suggested that the real reason behind their breakup is because of their large age-gap.

As per Korea Herald, Hyunyoung is 12 years younger than Alex, and that factor could be the trigger why they couldn't continue their relationship. Hyunyoung's agency, Mama Creative, denied that age is the reason why the pair broke up. In fact, their relationship has been drifted apart since Hyunyoung preparing to be an actress.

Clazziquai's Alex and Hyunyoung first met in 2015 when they both appeared on MBC's variety show "My Tutor Friend". Since their appearance in that show, the pair was seen spending a lot of times together and became much closer until they confirmed to be dating. 

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