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Sandara Park News: Former 2NE1 Member Sandara To Start Her Own YouTube Channel

By Angie Chui | March 17, 2017 06:23 AM EDT

Sandara Park
Sandara Park, one of the most active Korean celebrities on social media, will finally have her own youtube channel very soon. The former 2NE1 member asks fans to subscribe to her new channel. (Photo : YGEntertainment/Youtube)

Finally, SNS princess and former 2NE1 member Sandara Park will finally start her own YouTube account. This comes as good news and a much-awaited development for her fans who have been following her on Instagram, Twitter and her other social media accounts.

The announcement came from Sandara Park herself as she shared the news on her post on her Instagram. She did not confirm, however, when the exact date the YouTube channel will open but she promised that it will be very very soon.

"I'm going to have my own YouTube channel very soon," she posted. "Watch out for it. And please don't forget to subscribe :) yeah!!!"

Fans were quick to hazard their guesses on what the YouTube channel's theme will be in the comments section, which already has over a thousand comments. Most of the fans who came from Korea and the Philippines have pledged to support Sandara and promised to subscribe as soon as the YouTube channel is up.

Blackjacks and Sandara Park's Krungers, who were among those who expressed excitement at Sandara's new adventure, said they want Dara to post vlogs of her trips and work schedules. Some suggested that she also features other K-pop artists as guests on her videos. Sandara, as one of the most active Korean celebrities on social media, has been one of one of the most generous stars in sharing events of her life behind the scenes.

Most recently, Sandara Park has shared her adventure in Bangkok, wherein she posted snaps of her airport fashion style, her food adventures consisting of McDonald's corn pies, sushi and Korean food. She also posted behind the scenes shots of her endorsement shoot for the summer campaign of Philippine clothing brand Penshoppe, which she headlines alongside Thai heartthrob Mario Maurer, Kpopstarz reported.

Sandara Park also posted promotions for her latest projects as the newest MC of OnStyle's "Get It Beauty" and her movie "One Step," her first Korean movie. "One Step," which will open in April is a musical drama adopted from American film "Begin Again" and will feature Sandara as an amnesiac who tries to regain her memories by completing a melody that haunts her in her sleep.

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