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WINNER Comeback News: YG Announces Album Release On April 4 at 4 PM With 4 Members

By Angie Chui | March 17, 2017 08:29 AM EDT

There's no mistake here. K-pop idol group WINNER thinks that "La La Land" is fantastic and to prove it, WINNER members performed a unique and hilarious cover of the film's theme song "Another Day of Sun."

According to a report by SBS Pop Asia, WINNER uploaded the clip on their Naver V Live Channel. Fans got a kick out of seeing the group's bromantic version of the song originally performed by Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

The clip featured a lot of memorable moves. Seunghoon sliding under a table, Mino twirling an umbrella, a hug between the Seungyoon and Jinwoo ending in a dip. It was definitely one of the most interesting takes to the song.

What made the cover even more entertaining was the fact that the WINNER members were obviously trying to hold back their laughter while doing the routine. Still, they tried their very best to inject as much Broadway flair to their performance as they could.

Meanwhile, WINNER is busy promoting their much-anticipated comeback this April. To prepare for it, YG Entertainment has already released over their Twitter the cover of the upcoming album.

The photo contained information about WINNER's comeback and confirmed that the K-pop idols will make their official return on April 4. The poster also included the title "FATE Number For."

The poster also bore the number 4 which seems to be the theme of WINNER's comeback album since it will be released on the fourth day of the fourth month. It will also come out officially at 4 pm. This may also be a statement since the group is returning with only four members after the departure of Nam Tae Hyun.

Last February, it was reported by Soompi that members of WINNER boarded a flight to the US to film for their upcoming music video. The group flew to Los Angeles to film for the video then returned to Korea to finish the remainder of the album.

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