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BIG BANG Becomes First K-Pop Group To Reach 7 Million YouTube Subscribers

By Staff Writer | March 17, 2017 08:16 AM EDT

BIG BANG Becomes First K-Pop Group To Reach 7 Million YouTube Subscribers
Big Bang is once again having the time of their lives as they just made history for becoming the first K-pop group to have reached 7 million subscribers in YouTube. (Photo : BIGBANG)

K-pop boy band, Big Bang, has just achieved another milestone as they had become the first K-pop group to reach 7 million subscribers in YouTube. There is no doubt that K-pop is still continuing to take the world by storm, and that the YouTube views and subscribers are just a few of the evidences that can prove that fact.

As of now, PSY holds the record for the most number of followers and views for his phenomenal "Gangnam Style" and "Gentleman". PSY's followers are currently more than 9 million.

However, Big Bang is slowly catching up PSY's statistics as they already have more than 7 million subscribers; thus, making them as the first K-pop group to reach the 7 million followers mark.

According to IB Times, the next milestone for Big Bang would be to reach the 10 million subscribers mark, as this would mean overtaking the number of subscribers of SM Entertainment, which is the company agency of EXO. It is forecasted that if the current trend continues, Big Bang would reach the next 10 million mark by next year.

On the other hand, according to All K-pop, boy band, BTS, still needs to work double time in overtaking Big Bang and EXO as it still has more than 3 million subscribers. Despite the group experiencing massive success with their latest album, they still are having a hard time catching up with the number of subscribers in YouTube. The measurement of one's success in the industry has indeed incorporated YouTube stats, such as views and number of subscribers.

With all of these being said, Big Bang is surely on the right track in its way to achieving more fame in the months and years to come. They just need to keep doing what they do best, and that is entertaining its fans in a lot of surprising ways.

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