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HyunA Vs Hyoseong? Americans Feature K-pop Idols In 'For The Win' Showdown

By Angie Chui | March 17, 2017 08:29 AM EDT

FOMO Daily
Talented k-pop idols HyunA and Hyoseong were pitted against each other by FOMO Daily, a youtube channel that facilitates showdowns of artists on several categories based on fans' requests. (Photo : Fomo Daily/Youtube)

American youtube channel FOMO Daily recently did a face off for two of the hottest K-pop idols - 4Minute's HyunA and Hyoseong from the girl group Secret. The two contenders share similar backgrounds, making the face off an interesting comparison, but in the end, only one of the ladies emerged victorious.

The video based the face off on three factors. Among them are their Instagram accounts, their digital covers and youtube posts of their performances. HyunA, who was one of the original members of Wonder Girls released her solo mini album Bubble Pop in 2011 while Secret's Hyoseong released her first solo mini album "Fantasia" in 2015. The two idols were chosen based on fans' requests that were sent to the show.

For their Instagram posts, the panelists credited HyunA for seeming like a fun regular girl who kicks back in taverns to have fries and drinks on a night out. For Hyeoseong, whose posts included a horror themed selfie, she picked up some compliments on the being scary and sexy at the same time but the round went to HyunA.

The second round focused on Digital Album covers where the panelists compared material from the two K-pop idols. The hosts liked the mainstream vibe of HyunA's cover and praised Hyoseong's slightly edgier style using darker elements in her cover. It was a tougher call for them as both women had strong artwork but in the end, it was also HyunA who took the win for the round.

For the last round, the panelists reviewed the concert performances of both HyunA and Hyeoseong. The panelists credited HyunA for her excellent dance moves and said that the way she performed exemplified how it was to live. One of the judges was even frustrated that instead of getting into the performance, fans were more engrossed with recording it on their phones. The judges were equally impressed by Hyeoseong's high concept performance that utilized sprinklers that made it seem like it was raining on stage. They also credited her for her vocals and style, but decided that all in all, it was HyunA who put out the better performance.

HyunA's fans were quite happy over the results while Hyeoseong's supporters were disappointed by the selection process. In one of their replies, FOMO Daily took note of their observations and assured that they thoroughly went through the materials for both the contenders before posting their segment on the channel.

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