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GFRIEND's First Official Fan Meeting Tickets Were Sold Out Only A Minute After The Release

By Siti Fatimah | March 17, 2017 11:48 AM EDT

GFRIEND has just made a comeback with "Fingertip." Getting success since "Navillera" and "Rough," this girl group from Source Music has gathered many fans. Their cute image has brought their fame. Recently, they just held a fan meeting with a huge success.

Reported by Soompi, GFRIEND held their first official fan meeting on March 16 at 8PM KST. With the title "Dear Buddy" for the fan meeting, the tickets were sold out in just a minute after they were released. It was such a big achievement as the audience would be about 3,000 people. The group also said that they were thankful and wanted to show their diverse sides to fans to be able to have more communication to them.

Having a great success with their first official fan meeting GFRIEND promised to prepare personalized fan service that would be held at Olympic Hall in Seoul on April 2. By having fan meeting, GFRIEND will be able to express their love towards fans as they are the ones who bring the group to the top.

GFRIEND might be considered new in music industry as they debuted in 2015, but they have made many fans since their success with hit singles. Recently, for "Fingertip," they got 2 million views just for 14 hours after its release, reported by AllKpop. They still have their cute image but this current song comes with stronger side of the girls.

Since their debut, GFRIEND has released several albums. The album "SNOWFLAKES" is the one that brought success and the first win in music show. After the debut, the girls won Best New Female Artist at Melon Music Awards. Winning Song of the Year with "Rough," the girls also won Best Dance Performance-Female Group in 2016 for their nice dance. Having such a great success for the first official fan meeting, fans hope to have more fan meetings in the future.

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