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The Truth Why K-Pop Band Beast Becomes Highlight

By Stem A Sparks | March 19, 2017 05:15 AM EDT

With the essence of being exceptional or the brightest, 'Highlight' was the title of the first album ever made under Cube Entertainment after the former member Jung Hyunseung left the band, BEAST, making them a five-member group. The current members decided to call them as 'Highlight' to start anew. Highlight thanked their fans and announced that anytime sooner they will be releasing an album.

Beast one of the K-pop's most recognized group was launched in 2009 and started as an underdog act. Throughout the years, the group is recognized by their sleek and energetic approach to dance music and sentimental ballads. Beast was one of the Kpop groups with most number of music show wins. A lot of the group's album topped the charts including last year's "Highlight" at World Albums' No.9 whilst hits such as "Beautiful Night" and "Shadow" emerge at Billboard's Best of K-pop list in 2013 and 2014, followed by "Good Luck" as No.1 in 2015. Now, members took separate path on their careers; Lee pursued a solo career, others went on board another band.

They want to retain the name, Beast, but they weren't to do so. The name filled with so memories and we worked rigorously to keep it, but we have to say goodbye to Beast and say hello to 'Highlight.' The group leader Yoon conveyed. Each member of the new Highlight thanked their fans in social media for waiting Beast's fate and asking for their fans' to continue to love them and the new Highlight as well as stated in an article on SOOMPI.

Looking back on the past and hoping for a promising future; Lee, Yang and Son became emotional with their three grateful fans. However, Yong took a jovial tone and poised Highlight as new band ripe for its debut. "To gain this amount of interest even before we debut," says Yong who has been the composer of the group's most popular songs, wrote a post that attributes to a screenshot on the Korean search engine, Naver, as "Highlight" on trending as cited on to Kpopstarz

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