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T-ARA Bullying Scandal: Hwayoung Dropped From Main Cast Of ''Age of Youth 2'

By Angie Chui | March 22, 2017 03:12 AM EDT

It was  welcome news for fans of the coming of age drama "Age of Youth" when JTBC confirmed that it will be filming a second season of the series. However, it seems like embattled star Hwayoung will be dropped from the main cast.

In a statement from "Age of Youth" director Lee Tae Gon, he said that Hwayoung's character will still be a part of the story, seeing as she was part of the main characters of the original series. However, she will not be staying for the duration of the drama as a regular cast member, All Kpop reported.

"The story will continue on without excluding Hwayoung but she won't be having any special parts," Lee Tae Gon explained. "There will be about one or two episodes with her but she won't be continuing the story in all 12 episodes."

It can be recalled that Hwayoung recently figured in a scandal involving T-ARA members and her sister from five years ago. Fans are speculating that the scandal and the negative publicity surrounding the K-pop idol could have been a factor in the decision of the production to cut her from the series.

Producer Lee Dae Gon clarified that Hwayoung's participation the drama has been discussed ahead of time. He said that the scandal has not affected their decision as the controversy was not yet made public at the time. However, he said that even if it did come out before their discussions, it would not have made a difference as it was not a crucial matter for the show.

In the series, Hwayoung plays the role of Yi-Na in the series, a university student who is perceived to be carefree because of her family's wealth. As the series progressed, it was revealed that it was all an act to convince her roommates to hide her vulnerabilities, reported K-drama Amino.  

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