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Girls Generation 10 -Year Anniversary: Yoona & Hyoyeon Gearing Up To Release Tracks For Monthly Project

By Ina | March 23, 2017 07:06 AM EDT

Girls' Generation 10 Year Anniversary
Girls' Generation is preparing a special event to start their 10-year anniversary project. The girls reportedly will release their new album in July. (Photo : Girls' Generation/Facebook)

Girls Generation 10 year anniversary comeback is happening and it is even getting more exciting when a source from SM Entertainment reveals that the girls are preparing a monthly project to keep fans excited about their anniversary comeback. Girls Generation is reportedly releasing their 10-year anniversary album.

According to Korea Boo, Girls' Generation's members, Yoona and Hyoyeon, will be the first to release a single in April and May respectively. The release of their singles will be a part of Girls' Generation 10-year anniversary monthly project before the big event takes place. So, that means there will be a single release in the upcoming months following the comeback album release from the veteran girl group.   

Previously there was a report from SM Entertainment source saying that the eight members of Girls' Generation will be participating in a concert that will be held on Apr. 1 before they're preparing for Girls Generation's 10-year anniversary project. The concert, arranged as a part to support Korean and Vietnamese multicultural families, will more likely take place in Hanoi, Vietnam. The source also revealed that the comeback album is going to be released in July or August

One of the girl group members, Sooyoung, also confirmed that Girls' Generation 10-year anniversary will indeed take place within the second half of this year. Sooyoung shared a little detail of her group's comeback while she was shooting in Madrid back in February. During the shooting project, Sooyoung also celebrated her birthday with local Sone.

While the members are packed with their respective schedules as individuals, the Girls' Generation 10-year anniversary comeback will be the perfect event for fans and the members to recount a decade full of magic. Girls' Generation hasn't made any appearance as a group since 2015 although they did release "Sailing0805" for SM Station Fall in 2016. 

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