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Eli On 'Mr. House Husband:' He Got Discriminamted By Teacher And Friends To Make Him Lack Of Confidence

By Siti Fatimah | March 23, 2017 10:03 AM EDT

U-Kiss' Eli has been having a good live, marrying the woman he loves and having a child. Even though he often goes back and forth between Japan and Korea, he has been doing fine being a husband for his wife and a father for his baby boy. Recently, he revealed shocking news about his life in America.

Eli spent his childhood in America and when he appeared on "Mr. House Husband," he recalled his memory from the past when visited his neighborhood in the state of Washington. He said that he got beaten up by his friends because they discriminated him. Not only his friends, he also got discriminated by his teacher. Thus, he always felt lack in confidence, reported by AllKpop.

Eli's discrimination when he was young has brought him to taekwondo as he didn't want to got beat up again. It came out really well for him. Even though he said that he still lacked in confidence, he had a happy life with his little family in Korea.

Previously, Eli's marriage was not got bless from his parents. Having 11 years of gap between him and his wife, Eli's parents disagreed to his plan. He even married behind his parents' back and only told them after it had happened, reported Koreaboo. Seeing him with his wife and a baby, Eli's parents gave their blessing as the baby was so adorable.

Eli's life hasn't always been easy at start. Even though he is an idol now, there were times when he got conned and lost a huge amount of money. But he stood back thanked to his loving wife. He showed his loving side to his wife and his son on "Mr. House Husband." He often showed his great love to his wife on several episodes and it made every woman envied, reported Kpopmap.

There is no ceremony yet for Eli's marriage. He is also still struggling with his family to get steady life due to financial problem. But, as his parents already give a blessing for him, he is happy for it.

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