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Gong Yoo’s Involvement in Kim Go Eun- Shin Ha Kyun Split Denied By Actress’ Agency

By Nimfa Idea | March 23, 2017 05:34 PM EDT

Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun had a strong chemistry in "Goblin." They have that spark that made the drama more interesting. Because of their good working relationship and online chemistry, some fans even speculated that they have a special relationship.

News about their romance spread like wildfire after Kim Go Eun confirmed her recent breakup with Shin Ha Kyun. Since the breakup happened, Gong Yoo's name has been involved. What is the real score between the "Goblin" co-stars?

According to Nate, a source from Kim Go Eun's agency already clarified that the speculation surrounding the two "Goblin" stars are not true. The source further said that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun just worked together through the fantasy drama and the actress' split with Shin Ha Kyun was due to her schedule. As the source emphasized, there was no third party involved.

Kim Go Eun called it quits with Shin Ha Kyun in late February after eight months of dating, Soompi reported. They caught the attention of media because of their 17-year age gap. She is now 25 years old while he is turning 43 this year. Based on previous reports, they started dating because they shared the same interest in diving.

The cast and crew started filming in Quebec, Canada last October. At the time of the breakup, "Goblin" was at the height of its success. The hit drama was already replaced by "Tomorrow with You" in February when Kim Go Eun's agency confirmed the split.

Kim Go Eun's representative even said that the former lovers will remain colleagues after their breakup. Aside from the actress' agency, Gong Yoo's agency also confirmed that the actor was not involved in the breakup. Management Soop's president said via Instagram that there are people who are creating rumors about it and these people are just scribbling so preposterously. 

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