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Bambam Wanted JYP Whisper To Be Removed From 'Never Ever'

By Siti Fatimah | March 25, 2017 08:26 PM EDT

The whisper of JYP in JYP's songs has been the trade mark for his song. People can recognize that the song is composed by JYP through the whisper. But as it has been already so long, some artists want to have a change by removing the whisper. This is what happened to GOT7's song "Never Ever."

Since GOT7 debut, JYP has never composed their song. The group got their song from the composers in the company. For their previous and recent album, many songs were composed by Ear Attack together with the members. This comeback is special because JYP composed the title track by himself, reported by AllKpop.

Composing the song for GOT7, JYP gave freedom for them to discuss the song together. When they appeared on "Weekly Idol," the group revealed that they didn't want to have the whisper in the song. It was Bambam who gave the idea. When the group appeared on "Cultwo Show" on Mar. 23, they explained it again and gave reason that the whisper didn't match the song, reported Kpopmap. It was a surprise that JYP agreed immediately with the idea and thus the song "Never Ever" ended up without any whisper at the beginning.

GOT7 has just got their fourth win for "Never Ever" in Music Bank. The album selling for their comeback is also really good and it broke their own previous record. Ahgases are happy for their success. Moreover, Jackson has got better and he already joined the group. All complete members sang "Never Ever" and "Q" really well on "Show Music Core." The fan chant was louder than before as Jackson united with the group.

GOT7 will continue their promotion by appearing on more music shows and some variety shows. They recently appeared on "Singderella" and won the singing competition. They did well in the show with six members excluding Jackson. Having Jackson back, fans cannot wait to see the complete members in more shows.

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