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KARD Members & Their K-Pop Idol Look-Alikes

By Eddwyn A. | March 27, 2017 05:36 AM EDT

KARD is a new K-pop group by DSP Media with 4 members: Jiwoo, B.M., Somin, and J.Seph. They are also the first co-ed K-pop group in Korea.

KARD is also just fairly new to the music industry debuting in December of 2016. However, KARD members are already being compared physically by fans to other K-pop idols, according to Koreaboo.

First off, fans claim that KARD's Jiwoo looks similarly like Minzy from 2NE1. Both K-pop idols currently have a blonde hair.

Fans also claim that both Jiwoo and Minzy have a round face, except that Minzy's cheeks looks puffier. Jiwoo's cheeks are quite toned and her jawlines are kind of emphasized.

Next is KARD's Somin. Fans claim that she looks like Goo Hara, a former member of KARA. When Somin first appeared in her former girl group BABY KARA, it was when fans started comparing Somin to the former KARA member.

Fans claim that both have similar oval-shaped face and double eyelids. KARD's Somin also reportedly has the same smile with Goo Hara.

Next is KARD's male member J.Seph. Fans say that they look closely alike with 2PM's Chansung.

When looking at pictures of them side by side, it can be seen that both J.Seph and Chansung have the same facial features like their nose, and their ears. They also have the same eyes. However, J.Seph's cheekbone is a lot more protruding than Chansung's.

Finally, fans claim that KARD's BM looks similar to Eric Nam, which they really do. It's their eyes that give the impression of them being twins. Fans, however, call BM as Eric Nam's taller version.

In other news, it was previously reported that KARD is heading off to the U.S for their first ever American Tour. Their tour is titled "Wild KARD".

KARD will be performing in Los Angeles, Houston, and Chicago in May for their solid fans. The group will also perform in Canada.

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