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Yoon Woo Hyun, Buzz’s Guitarist and Rumble Fish’s Vocalist Choi Jin Yi Exchanged I Do in Spring Wedding Ceremony

By AV | March 27, 2017 05:43 AM EDT

Yoon Woo Hyun, the Buzz guitarist, and Rumble Fish's vocalist Choi Jin Yi have reportedly gotten married. In Mar. 26, the couple allegedly exchanged vows at a traditional house cafe in the Jangchung neighborhood of Seoul. The wedding ceremony was said to be very informal. Buzz singer Min Kyung Hoon accordingly did the officiating while Park Won performed the congratulatory song.

The alleged wedding director Ryo Han, said Soompi, posted on Instagram a picture of the couple's wedding ceremony. He purportedly placed a caption that says that the wedding is under the warm spring sunshine. He further added that the couple walked the aisle to the song "Season of Love" that they wrote and produced themselves.

In Feb. 17, Yoon Woo Hyun according to Allkpop, announced on the band's official fan cafe to deliver the good news that he will be the third buzz member to tie the knot. He and Choi Jin Yi have reportedly been dating for seven years. Allegedly, the couple has also in the past had their share of several dating rumors while working together to compose Rumble Fish's songs.

Buzz is an all-male rock and pop band. Their music largely consists of both nostalgic rock-ballads such as "Coward," and moderately melodic rock songs such as "Leaving on a Journey to Me." Accordingly, all of their songs are in Korean with a dash of English phrases that is common in Korean pop music.

Rumble Fish on the other hand, was a South Korean rock band and Choi Jin Yi was the lead vocalist of the group. The band reportedly disbanded in 2010, but she remained and still continued as a solo-artist under the name of Rumble Fish. She is known for her laidback voice and ballads. But in her mini-album, she apparently tends to explore more of the pop genre.

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