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This Is What Highlight Did To Rebel Against Former Label Cube Entertainment

By Inami | April 06, 2017 09:31 AM EDT

Being a professional could sometimes put you in a difficult situation. There must be a time when you're willing to do everything to avoid that situation. Highlight or formerly known as BEAST recently revealed their rebellious act to avoid being too preoccupied with never-ending group activities.

On Apr. 4, Highlight's Son Dongwoon shared his group's dark secret during a press conference for tvN's "Weekend in The Forest." According to Soompi, he revealed that his group once bailed out on a scheduled activity when they were under Cube Entertainment.

The idol said that he and his Highlight band-mates once thought they could use a rebellious experience to skip a music program until they realized that such act could jeopardize their reputation as idols. Instead, they bailed out on a photo shoot and went to stay at a hotel without telling anyone. Dongwoon said that he and other BEAST members at that time cut off all contacts so that no one would call them.

While Son Dongwoon thought it was pretty badass to bail out on BEAST's scheduled activity, there are some people thinking that such act only proved that they were being unprofessional. As a renowned group, some people think, it should have been their responsibility to fulfill a schedule they had agreed upon. However, Highlight's fans quickly came to the rescue to defend their biases by saying that bailing a photoshoot session can still be tolerated.

Son Dongwoon is one of the cast members of tvN's new variety program "Weekend in The Forest." The show also stars comedian Kim Yong Man and Joo Sang Sook. The show aired its first episode on Apr. 5 at 8.20 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, Highlight has been successfully gaining massive success after their rebranding comeback with debut track "Plz Don't be Sad." The "Plz Don't be Sad" music video has been watched on YouTube over six million times. 

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