EXO Put Up A Spectacular Show In Singapore

By iReporter Team | April 10, 2017 11:27 PM EDT

On April 2nd, monster group EXO were back in Singapore as part of their tour stop in EXOPLANET #3, The EXO'rDIUM.

The event took place in the massive Indoor Stadium, which EXO managed to fill out with an impressive 8,000 fans, called EXO-L. However, this is no new feat to the group of 9 boys. Unfortunately, Lay was unable to join fans for the night.

As the songs powered up the stadium, and the lights dimmed, the fans thundered the stadium with their scream and cheers. The dark stadium was no more, as it was illuminated by the lightsticks the fans proudly waved.

To the delight of fans, the boys came on stage after a VCR recording, performing remixes of MAMA, Monster and Wolf, which was followed by a short section where the boys happily introduced themselves, inciting cheers from fans at every member's turn. This was followed by another round of songs, including the fans' favorites such as 'Thunder' and 'Artificial Love'.

A cute VCR in the perspective of fans being brought around a mini house party and being entertained by the members earned rounds of laughter, squeals, and excitement. A beautiful acoustic stage followed, where a medley of songs such as 'My Lady', 'Call Me Baby' and 'Lady Luck' played, serenading fans. If it was possible to fall even deeper for the group of 9 boys, everyone did!

Fans were especially spoilt by EXO this round as they were being treated to an impressive water stage, where a pair of the groups' power dancers, Sehun and Kai, took the stage with an incredible slew of songs from EXO's past and latest albums, along with heart-pounding VCRs.

The vibe and hype was at an all time high, as expected from the charismatic boys who upon debut were already called monster rookies, being full of potential. Fans' favourites such as 'Love Me Right', '3.6.5' and 'Overdose' rang clear with enthusiastic fanchants, a clear sign of EXO's strong fanbase.

After 'Lightsaber', fans celebrated Sehun's birthday with a successful birthday fan project, where both members and Sehun himself read out the banner's slogan wishing Sehun a happy birthday, even citing the leader to start a Happy Birthday song, sung by the strong audience and members, in both English and Korean.

Once again, incredible energy was shown as fans cried and cheered the words 'EXO' and 'ENCORE' for the ending segment. With the concert coming to an official close for the night, the members ended off with the sweet song 'Angel' and words of love for the fans, stating that they would come back better and they hope to be able to stay longer the next time they come, which is definitely a sentiment even the fans shared.

Hopefully, we'll be able to see EXO soon again with a new album and another World Tour for the fans!

Special thanks to ONE PRODUCTION for inviting to cover EXO PLANET #3 - The EXO'rDIUM - in SINGAPORE.

Writer: Mabel Liang | Photo Credits: ONE Production/Marcus Lin

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