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Sandara Park and G-Dragon News: Sandara Sends Park Sohyun A Ton Of G-Dragon Merchandise; Fans Tickled Pink Over Sandara, G-Dragon Connection

By Angie Chui | April 10, 2017 05:52 AM EDT

Shippers of Sandara Park and G-Dragon, collectively known to fans as Daragon or Nyongdal got a kick over the weekend when Sandara sent radio show host Park Sohyun received a package from Sandara containing a ton of G-Dragon merchandise. Sandara learned that Sohyeon was a GD fan and sent the merchandise including a plush toy, CDs accessories along with a thoughtful note.

Fans were tickled pink over the idea of Sandara having G-Dragon merchandise in stock especially since the two have been rumored to be dating for years - something which both artists have denied since the beginning. Shippers, who are better known as Applers, continue to hope that despite their denial, the undeniable chemistry and their level of comfort around each other may lead to something more.

They became even more hopeful when Sandara's Instagram Live video showed her hanging out with fellow former 2NE1 member Park Bom behind the scenes of a shoot. During the live video , Park Bom was teasing the "One Step" star about wanting to have a boyfriend, seemingly implying that she knew something about Sandara's lovelife. Sandara played it safe and said she wanted to have food instead.

It was recently reported by Kpopstarz that some fans have tried to connect two of G-Dragon's Instagram posts to Sandara's movie "One Step." According to some fans on Twitter, the BIG BANG leader may have been low key promoting his rumored girlfriend's movie using a post of a one finger bust and a "Don't step on the grass" sign. The post was made a few days after the VVIP premiere of the movie that G-Dragon was unable to attend because of his busy schedule.

Meanwhile, Sandara's debut movie "One Step" has been well received by fans who gave the movie a 6.2 rating on Naver. It can be recalled that director Jae Hong has praised Sandara for being the best rookie actress he has ever worked with and urged the former 2NE1 member to continue acting. But viewers who saw the movie when it opened also gave the film a  thumbs up. Most of the reviewers praised the movie to be better than expected and  said they liked the soundtrack of the movie as well. 

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