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Taehyun, Former WINNER Member, Creates Own Music Label 'South Buyers Club'

By Eddwyn A. | April 12, 2017 04:09 AM EDT

Nam Tae-hyun
Former member of WINNER Taehyun recently created his own music label named "South Buyers Club" (Photo : Nam Tae Hyun / Facebook)


As WINNER recently made their comeback, former member Taehyun has created his own music label. Taehyun named his very own music label "South Buyers Club".

According to All Kpop, Taehyun uploaded a photo of the paper works of his music label on his Instagram account on Tuesday, April 11. The photo showed that "South Buyers Club" was set up on March 30.

Taehyun has named himself as the head of the label. Reports also stated that Taehyun is planning on managing his own band under South Buyers Club.

Other music labels and agencies have reached out to Taehyun with the hopes of making him sign up for them. Taehyun, however, has declined and decided to make his own music label.

Taehyun's reason for doing so is because he wants to promote whatever and whenever he sees fit. Taehyun named his band "South Club" with himself as the lead.

In other news, anti-fans of Taehyun have been trying to defame the former WINNER member. According to Soompi, the anti-fans have submitted malicious reports to the police against him.

Taehyun revealed on March 7 via an Instagram post that the police have called him and revealed that anti-fans are trying to defame him. Taehyun took a week to respond.

On March 14, Taehyun posted his response to his Tumblr and Instagram account. In his message, he first thanked the fans who have been worrying about him for the matter.

Taehyun then stated that he has decided to withdraw the charges against the anti-fans. However, if they [anti-fans] would not stop, Taehyun will be forced to take an action.

Taehyun also revealed that he has planned to release an album soon. "The album is currently under production, and may be a mini album or a full album," said Taehyun.

Taehyun also added that he has been busy working for the album every day. He also mentioned that there might be 8 to 9 tracks included in the album.



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