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The Real Reason Behind Chainsmokers Idolizing Big Bang And CL

By Staff Writer | April 14, 2017 08:13 PM EDT

The Real Reason Behind Chainsmokers Idolizing Big Bang And CL
American music duo, Chainsmokers, has just revealed that they idolize K-pop group and icon, Big Bang and CL. (Photo : Kpop Buzz)

In a recent statement released by the American DJ duo, Chainsmokers, it has been revealed that they draw inspiration from a number of K-pop artists. During an interview with Yonhap News, Chainsmokers has confirmed that they loved listening to K-pop music. They even say that they listen to it a lot.

The American DJ duo also says that they find K-pop music to be amazing, specifically stating that they love the music of Big Bang and CL. It is because of this, that the American artists have gained the attention of western and Asian fans alike as the Chainsmokers is known to make a very western style of music, different from those of K-pop music.

And because of it, they can't help but express their desire to have a collaboration with a K-pop artist or K-pop group who shares similar tastes and visions with them. Chainsmokers is just waiting for the best time in their desired collaboration, as timing is very essential and important to consider in the music entertainment industry.

With this, one can see how K-pop has furthered its influence, managing to go beyond South Korea, reach other Asian nations, and has even made it as far as the U.S. According to Koogle, it is because of this that K-pop is proven to be one of the most popular music genres of today, and Chainsmokers just supports that fact.

With the recent revelation of Chainsmokers that they like Big Bang and CL, it is also possible that this is a possible marketing strategy, as it has been the trend for western artists and celebrities to name drop popular K-pop artists and groups to be talked about by people in social media.

Whichever the case is, be it a strategic move or a mere passionate and sincere fact, Chainsmokers doing a collaboration with Big Bang, CL or any other K-pop band would surely be captivating and mesmerizing to see.

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