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Winner Reveals The Qualities Of Their Ideal Woman

By Sharmaine Ibarra | April 14, 2017 08:42 PM EDT

WINNER members describe their ideal woman.
(Photo : WINNER/Youtube)

WINNER revealed the qualities of a woman they dream of. This is after they were asked in a popular radio program. 

WINNER appeared as a guest in "Lee Hong Ki's Kiss the Radio" or "Hongkira" in KBS radio, last April 12. Lee Hong Ki raised the question to the members. Lee Seung Hoon is the first who answered the question. He said that he likes a woman who is healthy and can take care of him.

He also specified that he likes a woman who exercises. "I realized that I like a woman who carries a band aid in her purse. It's actually not common to find a person who carries a band aid with them. I tend to hurt myself easily and my heart pounded when a staff member took care of me," he answered.

Kim Jin Woo, however, likes a woman who is similar to him.  The WINNER member also confessed that he is attracted to pretty girls. Lee Hong Ki even suggested Han Hyo Joo. "I'm always the same. I like someone who's similar to me. Honestly, I like pretty girls," he confessed.

WINNER member Song Min Ho likes more of an independent woman. "Nowadays, I like girls who can eat well. I like someone who eats well without being picky," he said. Lee Hong Ki asked, "So you like someone who takes good care of her body while also eating well?" "That's true. I like a person who takes good care of themselves," Song Min Ho answered.

On the other hand, Kang Seung Yoon likes a music lover woman. He preferred a woman who loves WINNER's songs.  "My ideal type is related to music. It's the one who walks by with earphones on and has 'Really Really' playing," he described.

WINNER is a South Korean boy grouped debuted in 2014. They are under by YG Entertainment.



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Winner Reveals The Qualities Of Their Ideal Woman

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