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Red Velvet Reported To Have Name Change

By Staff Writer | April 18, 2017 08:42 AM EDT

Red Velvet Reported To Have Name Change
The hit K-pop girl group, Red Velvet, is said to be in for a name change. Continue to read on to know more about the facts. (Photo : Entertainment Buzz)

Recent reports have stated that Red Velvet is doing something to differentiate itself from the other groups in the K-pop industry. This is after news came out that the girl group has decided to finally have their fandom name. This is contrary to the speculations that the group will not anymore be called as Red Velvet. The fandom name is different from the official name, which is why there is nothing that has officially changed for the group.

Now, rumors have it that Red Velvet will take the official fandom name of "ReVeluv". With this, one can see that if the rumors are true, then Red Velvet can clearly be seen to do the best of what it can to make themselves unique, as they have their own different fandom name.

According to All K-pop, the speculations surfaced after it has been found out that SM Entertainment, the management company of Red Velvet, has filed a trademark application. The application was filed at the Korea Institute of Patent Information, which features the name "ReVeluv". It is because of this proof that many are led to believe that a name change is about to happen.

However, because of the fact that Red Velvet has asked its fans for any suggestion for their fandom name, it is highly unlikely that "ReVeluv" will not replace "Red Velvet", as it will only function as the group's fandom name.

If ever the speculations are true, then Red Velvet would finally have their own fandom name, three years after they debuted in the K-pop industry. The fandom name of "ReVeluv" would then be used by its fans, as well as their official name on fan clubs, cover CDs, merchandise items and more.

Surely, this fandom name change will be for the best of the girl group. Let's wish Red Velvet more luck as they progress through the K-pop industry.

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