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What To Expect From Sistar's Dasom's Evil Role In 'Sister Is Alive'

By Staff Writer | April 18, 2017 08:50 AM EDT

How Sistar's Dasom Comparison With Girl's Day's Hyeri Turned Out
Sistar’s Dasom has recently been compared to Girl’s Day’s Hyeri. Continue to read on to know how the comparison turned out. (Photo : Adora's Little Studio)

Recent reports have confirmed that Dasom of the hit girl group, Sistar, is preparing for an antagonist role in an upcoming drama series, "Sister is Alive". Just recently, new stills have been released by SBS for "Sister is Alive", which stars Dasom who will take the role of Yang Dal Hee, the main antagonist of the drama series.

In the first photo that was released, Dasom can be seen having a bleeding wound on her head. With it, she has a surprising emotion to her face where she is looking around her environment in shock.

However, it is also worth knowing that Dasom has been positively praised by the staff of the show as she gave out her best in acting, despite her new kind of role. In a recent statement that Dasom released, she says that she did her best to understand the background of Yang Hal Dee's personality, in order for her to properly act out her antagonistic and evil schemes in the series.

Dasom continues to say that she won't be acting out a traditional antagonist role, but instead will have a different approach to it. She says that instead of having harsh expressions and speech messages, she will have a more realistic approach to it, making it look like a real and sincere antagonist.

To finally conclude her statement, she says that she wants her character, Yang Dal Hee, to gain enough sympathy from its viewers. According to Soompi, this upcoming drama will be different from her notable projects, such as "The Eccentric Daughter in Law" and "Melody of Love", as she will be having her first antagonist role in "Sister is Alive".

The plotline of "Sister is Alive" revolves around the three sisters who is doing their best to survive after losing their loved ones. Yang Dal Hee, the role that Dasom will play, is a woman who is blinded by her success and wreaks chaos throughout the entire storyline of the series.

The pilot episode of "Sister is Alive" has premiered last April 15. Surely, it will continue to reek in higher ratings through the passing of time.

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