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Sandara Park And G-Dragon To Launch Solo Careers; Truth Behind The Rumored Relationship Revealed

By Kate S. | April 19, 2017 01:01 PM EDT

Latest Updates On Latest Updates On G-Dragon And Sandara Park Dating Rumors
Latest Updates On Latest Updates On G-Dragon And Sandara Park Dating Rumors (Photo : Kore TV/YouTube Screenshot)

Rumors have been circulating all over that Sandara Park and G-Dragon is having a secret affair despite the fact that both Korean superstars have already disproved the said speculations. Now, both Korean superstars are going to settle for their solo careers and rumored that they are using each other for publicity.

According to Soompi, Sandara Park is currently working on her solo album together with YG producers, it is also said that the rumored girlfriend of G-Dragon shared that her upcoming songs will be showcasing a new genre, which is partially different from what she's been doing along with the other 2NE1 members.

Sandara Park said that she's been visiting YG producers lately and loitering around the studio, she thinks that she'll have to go with a different genre from 2NE1's music for her solo. Sandara Park also revealed about her imminent new album, which is said to hit the music stores before the year 2017 ends.

Sandara Park also added that what she can do alone versus with members will be different, she thinks she'll be able to show a fun image that is more bright and fresh. Although rumored that she's just using G-Dragon for publicity we cannot belittle Sandara Park because she is really ready for her new solo career and of course she can do it alone, because she's really into the business.

Meanwhile, as to what Korea Portal reported that G-Dragon is also set to launch his solo career next year, he is currently preparing for his own album at the moment and there is no possibility that they are going to launch their solo careers together.

Sandara Park And G-Dragon are going all out for their solo careers and there's no way that they are dating because they are busy for what they have been doing lately. We will definitely update everyone for the launching of their solo careers and the possibility of them being together so, better stay tuned.

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