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DIA’s Eunjin Released From Hospital After Having Breathing Problem During Comeback Showcase

By Inami | April 20, 2017 07:51 AM EDT

DIA's Eunjin was recently rushed to a hospital during a comeback showcase for the group's latest album "YOLO". The idol reportedly suffered from breathing problems after taking a medicine.

On April 19, DIA held a comeback showcase to promote its new album. From the beginning of its performance, fans actually have noticed that the girls looked pretty exhausted, especially Eunjin, who was seen having trouble with choreography. According to Korea Boo, Eunjin had to stop her performance after she was found having trouble breathing.

The MCs of the event, Shannon and Kim Kwang Soo quickly informed audiences that Eunjin would not continue performing with the group since she had to be rushed to the hospital. They revealed Eunjin previously took a medicine without having her meal first. DIA members apologized to fans for the sudden turn of events. Huihyeon even explained that the group has been swamped with all of these comeback activities. She regretted that the group's hectic schedule has cost Eunjin her health. DIA and MBK Entertainment promised to give a further update to fans regarding Eunjin's condition.

Fortunately, there's nothing serious with Eunjin's health. The idol was released from the hospital the next day. MBK Entertainment has also stated that Eunjin is feeling much better now and she will be joining the rest of the group on "M! Countdown".

DIA has released a new track titled "Will You Go Out With Me?", one of the tracks from latest album "YOLO", which was launched on April 7. Two days before launching "YOLO", DIA announced that it will add two new members. The new album marks DIA's first performance with 2 new members, Jooeun and Somi. The two new members were added to enhance the group's vocal line following the departure of its lead vocal Seunghee. The all 9 members of DIA will be performing on "M! Countdown" with their latest track "Will You Go Out With Me". 

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