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Gary Cancelled His Concert In Malaysia: Two Different Statements From Event Organizer & Gary's Agency

By Siti Fatimah | April 25, 2017 01:56 PM EDT

Gary, ex member of "Running Man" has just made shocked everyone with his secret wedding. Recently, the rapper made another shocking news for cancelling his first concert in Malaysia.

Gary has planned to hold his first fan meeting on May 21, but it has been cancelled. The Ace Music Production as the event organizer of his concert gave official statement on facebook, saying that there had been many unforeseen circumstances that the concert was cancelled, AllKpop reported. Fans will be able to get the refund for the tickets they have already bought.

It is surprising that the reason given from event organizer is different from Gary's agency. They said that the concert was cancelled because the down payment was not fulfilled. They said that the production company didn't send the amount agreement of money and kept on pushing the day of the concert. As the time was pushed, they still didn't receive the money. Thus, the concert couldn't be done, AllKpop reported.

Stating the real reason. Gary's agency really didn't like the situation because even though they didn't get any losses, but fans were left confused, KpopHerald reported. As the result of the cancellation, Gary's fans cannot see him performing on stage. For Gary, he cannot mark his first concert in Malaysia and it is really a disadvantage for him. He will not be able to get closer to his fans in Malaysia.

It is such a bad management for the production company. Whatever the problem is, they should state the main reason truthfully. Also, as the event is big, they should have a better preparation. As an artist with many fans, people are upset for the cancellation of his concert in Malaysia. People want to know the truth behind the cancellation as they already have hope for the rapper to perform in front of them.

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