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K-Pop Idols & Their Massive Collections: T.O.P's Art Collection, HyunA's 'The Simpsons' Addiction, and More!

By Eddwyn A. | April 27, 2017 05:50 AM EDT

A famous individual or not, everybody has their own hobbies. These 6 K-pop idols' hobbies happen to be collecting and have collected quite a number of stuff they love the most in this world.

In a list made by Koreaboo, they named 6 K-pop idols that has amassed quite a number of their favorite collectables. First in their list comes BIGBANG's T.O.P.

BIGBANG's T.O.P has an affinity with rare art works. According to the site, the K-pop idol spends almost 95% of his income in buying all kinds of arts, especially paintings from France.

In T.O.P's 2 Instagram photos he uploaded a while back, he showed off how much he loved artworks. One photo showed the K-pop idol admiring David Hockney's iPad series of artworks. The other photo showed huge artwork in canvass he has in his home.

Next in the site's list is another BIGBANG member, G-Dragon. According to the site, the K-pop idol likes to buy and collect limited editions of shoes. He also showed one pair of his Nike shoes in black with a yellow smiley design on the right shoe and a white flower on the other.

Next is NCT's Taeil whose collection is quite different. The K-pop idol is actually a fish enthusiast and owns several aquariums.

Taeil's aquariums house over 70 species of fish! He loves all of them but mostly interacts more with his corydoras and catfish.

Next is Highlight's lead vocals Lee Gi Kwang who owns a massive collection of sneakers. He literally has hundreds of pairs of sneakers that could fill up his entire living room!

Wonder Girls' HyunA's collection is kind of weird as she owns a massive collection of "The Simpsons" merchandise. The K-pop idol has it all - from iPhone cases, to dolls, pawn cases, bracelets, and even blankets!

Last but not the list, is BTS' Rap Monster who is widely known among his fans to have a collection of KakaoTalk's Ryan. The K-pop idol has tons of Ryan stuffed toys with various outfits and also cute Ryan phone cases.

In other news, Jaden Smith is to debut as a K-pop idol! According to All Kpop, Will Smith's son himself confirmed that he will indeed be dropping a K-pop single within the year.

The young Hollywood actor slash soon to be K-pop idol is expected to drop a K-pop single within 4 months. Fans are somewhat opinionated by this but are nevertheless expecting something nice. 

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