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LABOUM's Soyeon Hospitalized: Soyeon Bleeding Uncontrollably After 'Show Champion' Performance

By Eddwyn A. | April 27, 2017 05:44 PM EDT

Member Soyeon of LABOUM was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday, April 26 due to blood loss. The K-pop idol was bleeding profusely from her nose.

As reported by Koreaboo, this happened after LABOUM's performance in MBC's "Show Champion". Soyeon was reportedly not feeling well already even before their performance on the show.

Staff of LABOUM already advised Soyeon not to perform on the show because of her condition. However, Soyeon insisted to perform and join the others in their performance.

"Show Champion" reportedly pushed back LABOUM's performance to help her recuperate a bit. But Soyeon still insisted to join the group and perform on stage.

Soyeon was able to finish their performance on the show luckily without her collapsing. However, the LABOUM member was bleeding profusely through her nose without stopping - making the staff decide to rush her to the nearest hospital.

"Soyeon is currently being moved to the emergency room," said LABOUM's agency NH Media. "We will announce further details when we know her condition thoroughly."

 A source from the agency then revealed an update. According to Soompi, LABOUM's Soyeon has no major health problems.

"After the results of her checkup, there appear to be no major problems with Soyeon's health," said the NH Media insider. The doctors advised the LABOUM member to see ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physician undergo otolaryngology treatment.

Otolaryngology treatment involves diagnosing and treating a patient who may have a disease in his/her ears, nose, throat, and sinus. LABOUM's Soyeon might possibly undergo surgery (hopefully not though).

LABOUM was on MBC's "Show Champion" to perform a song from their 2nd mini album "MISS THIS KISS". Soyeon and the girls performed the mini album's title song "Hwi Hwi". LABOUM made their comeback on Monday, April 17.

LABOUM fans were saddened by this happening. The fans wished nothing but for Soyeon's sp[eedy recovery so she could get back with promoting "MISS THIS KISS".

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