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Song Ji Hyo Wants Gary To Call Her; 'Running Man' Members Were Disappointed With Gary’s Secret Wedding

By Inami | April 27, 2017 05:55 AM EDT

Gary's wedding announcement a while ago clearly has made everyone shocked, including his friends in "Running Man". One of "Running Man" members, Song Ji Hyo, who was also rumored to have a romantic interest with him, recently opened up about her true feelings upon hearing Gary has been married.

Song Ji Hyo, Lee Kwang Soo, Ji Suk Jin, HaHa, and Kim Jung Kook recently attended a fan meeting in Malaysia. During the event, all "Running Man" members were asked about how they're feeling when hearing about Gary's marriage, Soompi reported.

 On behalf of "Running Man" members, Song Ji Hyo stated that she and the other members were pretty disappointed with Gary's decision to not let anyone besides his family about his marriage. However, she congratulated Gary for his marriage and just hoped that he and his wife will live happily.

Song Ji Hyo then jokingly asked Gary to call her since he has changed his phone number recently. Her pal in "Running Man", HaHa added that he also sent a message to Gary to congratulate him but Gary didn't answer to his message.

HaHa said that all "Running Man" members don't have a hard feeling for Gary. Even though they feel a little bit disappointed, they totally understand and still want to offer their supports for Gary. The members then cheered "7012 Forever" together to show their love for Gary. The number 7012 was the password for Gary's escape in "Running Man" episode 267. It may sound cheesy, but the number grew to be a sentimental inside joke for "Running Man" members and their fans.

Kang Gary announced his marriage on April 5 via his Instagram. On his Instagram post, he wrote that he got married to someone he loves without a wedding ceremony. Following his surprising marriage announcement, Gary's duo, Leessang, was reportedly disbanded. Until now, there's still no statement to either confirm or deny the disbandment rumor. 

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