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Triple H’s ‘365 Fresh’ Music Video Has Netizens Concerned For Impacts On The Younger Audience

By Inami | May 03, 2017 11:46 AM EDT

Cube Entertainment's newest subunit, Triple H, finally released its debut music video "365 Fresh" on May 1. However, the latest music video has stirred controversy for its explicit content.

HyunA, and PENTAGON's Hui and E'Dawn teamed up to debut with their first mini album as a group "199X". The group's lead track "365 Fresh" draws funky beats that somehow reminds everyone of Bruno Mars' "24K Magic". While the music is obviously a fun beat to dance to, the music video is something else. According to Allkpop, "365 Fresh" music video has potentially explicit contents that may not be suitable for everyone.

Billboard describes "365 Fresh" as a song that sounds a lot like the start of summer because of its soulful melodies and pounding bass line. Apparently, Triple H aims to deliver a message about life, freedom, and a fresh start. Yet, the depiction of life and freedom seems a bit controversial in the music video. "365 Fresh" music video follows the trio who met at a strange time while running away from their problems.

Hui plays a car thief on the run, HyunA kills a man who sexually harassed her, and E'Dawn tries to kill himself unsuccessfully. As if the role play isn't enough, "365 Fresh" continues to display a series of acts people deemed inappropriate, such as skin exposure, suicide, murder, and a sexual encounter between the trio.

Soompi has collected various responses from netizens following "365 Fresh" explicit content. Many netizens have expressed concerns for younger audiences watching the MV think such acts displayed on the video are fun.

However, a lot of other netizens didn't find anything wrong with the MV since those are only acts and a part of the concept. They also praise HyunA for her performance in the music video saying there's nobody better than HyunA for this matter, who dares to bring such concept into life.

Watch Triple H's "365 Fresh" MV below:

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