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Actress Han Hyo Joo Wanted To Be A Guest Again On '2 Days & 1 Night'

By Siti Fatimah | May 04, 2017 03:27 PM EDT

Han Hyo Joo is a beautiful actress who is known for her kindness. She is also a favorite guest in "2 Days & 1 Night." Previously, she has made her appearance, which made everyone smiled widely in the show. Recently, she revealed she wanted to appear on the show again.

In the recent episode of "2 Days & 1 Night," the members passed by the canola flowers field where they had once filmed the show with actress Han Hyo Joo in 2016. Soon they remembered the good times in the past. One of the casts then called Han Hyo Joo and she said that she wanted to be called back in the show, Starz Post reported.

The members were really happy hearing what Han Hyo Joo said on the phone. While they were filming, they also passed the filming location of the actress' drama "Spring Waltz." The members missed the actress even more.

Back in 2016, Han Hyo Joo made a surprise appearance in the show. The members of the show were actually big fans of her. They often talked about her in the show. Then, the PD gave a special episode to surprise the members with her appearance. The members didn't even know that Han Hyo Joo was actually there for filming "2 Days & 1 Night."

Back in 2016 where Han Hyo Joo made her appearance, one of the members had to go home after losing a game. Deffcon was chosen by other members as the person to leave. Yet, he showed reluctant to leave the show. He even didn't leave the filming location and he came back shooting again after one condition, Soompi reported.

The connection of Han Hyo Joo and members was really good in 2016. They really had fun together trying to finish the mission for eating and sleeping chance. It seems that the actress will have her appearance again on the show. Every member must be really happy to have her again on the show.

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