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Discrimination From A Japanese To A Korean BJ Who Wanted To Eat Dinner In An Izakaya-Style Restaurant

By Siti Fatimah | May 06, 2017 10:15 AM EDT

Discrimination is still everywhere. Even though people live in modern world with the same human rights, there are still many reports of people getting discrimination. Recently, there was a Korean Broadcast Jockey got discriminated on his trip in Japan.

The name of the Broadcast Jockey (BJ) is Minsung. He had his trip in Japan and decided to have a dinner in the restaurant. He looked around and then found an Izakaya-style restaurant. He then asked whether it was Izakaya or not and about to enter it. But then a Japanese employee asked him to go out. He even said rude words to him, AllKpop reported.

It was really unacceptable. But Minsung tried to calm down and held back his anger. During the walk, he said that because of people like them, Japan got cursed. He also said that he was patient because he didn't want to end up in a police station.

In Minsung's case, everyone was really shocked to Japanese people doing discrimination. The employee clearly said, "What? What? F*ck you Korean,"  "Go Out." Before Minsung, there have been many cases of discrimination done by Japanese against Korean.

The reason for the discrimination is really unclear since there have been many good relationships between Japan and Korea. It is just some people with closed-minded thinking to do the discrimination. Regarding this, Japanese lawmakers discussed about having a new law to ban discrimination including harassment and hate speech, Japan Times reported.

Few people doing discrimination will ruin the good relationship of Japan and Korea. Moreover, there have been many visitors from Korea to see the beauty of Japan. The current law in Japan is only for defamation and insults. But there has been increase in the hate speech. Many Koreans get hate speech from Japan for no reason. The new law is really needed so that Koreans will not get discrimination again.

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