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K-Pop Star Kriesha Tiu Debuts As Model For Holika Holika

By Staff Writer | May 08, 2017 07:23 AM EDT

K-Pop Star's Kriesha Tiu Debuts As Model For Holika Holika
Kriesha Tiu of the talent show, “K-Pop Star 6” has just became a model for Holika Holika. (Photo : D.K.A)

Kriesha Tiu from "K-Pop Star 6" is indeed having a big break in her career as she has just entered the modeling industry as the newest face of Holika Holika. Just recently, it has been confirmed by her management company that she is the newest model of Holika Holika.

According to All K-pop, Kriesha Tiu is experiencing one of the best moments in her career, despite the fact that she is not yet considered to be a real K-pop icon. One can clearly see that she is on the right path towards stardom.

Because of her natural beauty and innate talent, she has even gotten the attention of Holika Holika, as she became the newest addition to the faces of the cosmetic company. According to Korea Portal, the management company of Kriesha Tiu, Urban Works Entertainment, has confirmed that the young talent is indeed preparing for her debut in the modeling industry.

The management company also sent out a statement supporting Kriesha Tiu of her latest endeavors. The statement says that Kriesha has proved to the world that she has the guts to become one of the mainstream artists in the K-pop industry. This is also a good sign that she is preparing for more projects in the near future, most probably in the entertainment industry.

And now, the only thing that separates her from the real K-pop success that all talents of the  "K-pop Star 6" dream of, are having her own solo album. There is no doubt that she can make it, knowing that she has the face and the talent to reach her dreams.

However, there are already reports that Kriesha Tiu is busy preparing for the release of her first ever solo album this May. If ever this is true, then there is no doubt that she is indeed in for a ton of good times.

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