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Sulli, Kim Min Joon Dating: Ex-Boyfriend Choiza Throwing Shade At Sulli In Instagram Accusing Former f(x) Member Cheated On Him

By Inami | May 11, 2017 12:15 PM EDT

SM Entertainment has released an official statement to confirm Sulli dating rumor with a brand director named Kim Min Joon. However, Sulli's ex-boyfriend, Choiza, apparently is under the impression that the former f(x) member cheated on him with Kim Min Joon while they were still together.

A representative of SM Entertainment told Soompi Sulli and Kim Min Joon is indeed seeing each other. Sulli has kept their relationship with Kim Min Joon in secret since her new beau is non-celebrity. Because of that, the label hopes everyone can respect their personal life.

Sulli's new boyfriend is a general manager of hip-hop crew 360 SOUNDS. He's a well-known figure among celebrities. Besides managing 360 SOUNDS, Kim Min Joon also works in a number of business ventures including furniture line and a famous restaurant in Itaewon. Sulli and Kim Min Joon reportedly started out as friends before started dating two months ago, which led to another rumor about Sulli cheated on Choiza.

Meanwhile, a recent report from Allkpop suggested that Choiza is throwing shade at Sulli's new romance. The Dynamic Duo member recently posted a picture of a lamb's leg with caption: So, this is a lamb's leg?

Many people believe Choiza meant the word lamb's leg figuratively. Lamb's leg in Korean is called yangdari, which is also a figure of speech to describe cheating in a relationship. While it may seem coincidental, people still believe Choiza was implying the lamb's leg to Sulli since the former lovers are sort of not in a good term after breaking up.

Previously, Sulli got everyone suspicious after she deleted all pictures on Instagram, hours after Choiza deleted all of his pictures with her. Some people assumed Sulli might want to get revenge on Choiza, while the rest believed she could be in depression after being bombarded with criticism about her personality.

Sulli and Choiza announced their relationship in 2014. The two decided to part ways earlier this year due to their busy schedules, according to their labels. 

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