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Netizens Want To Know More About Taeyeon's Sister, Hayeon, Who Is Currently A Trainee In SM

By Siti Fatimah | May 16, 2017 06:41 AM EDT

Netizens want to know more about Taeyeon's sister Hayeon.
Taeyeon has a sister, Hayeon, who is a trainee in SM Entertainment. Many netizens want to know more about her. (Photo : taeyeonani/YouTube)

Hayeon is Taeyeon's sister who is currently a trainee in SM Entertainment. Netizens have been looking for her pictures since they want to see her improvement. Moreover, they want to know about the daily life of the big star's sister.

The public knew Hayeon when she was doing a snap chat with Taeyeon. She was born in 1998 and she has been a trainee for a little less than two years, Koreaboo reported. Many people are curious about Hayeon since she is the sister of Taeyeon.

Unfortunately, pictures of Hayeon are only a few. She is not really active in a social media and netizens found her mostly on her sister's social media page. Many of Taeyeon's fans want to see Hayeon and how she will show her talents when she debuts later.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon just made a comeback with a solo album "My Voice." "Fine" was the title track and everyone praised her sweet voice in this song. In the MV, Taeyeon showed her acting skill by playing a girl who couldn't move on from her ex-boyfriend.

Soon after the release of "Fine," it received an all-kill in major Korean music charts, Soompi reported. Taeyeon thanked her fans who gave her full support for her album. She was really happy to have loyal fans.

Taeyeon and her sister Hayeon are not the only siblings who get much attention. There are many other siblings in the entertainment industry who have great talents and get much attention. Among them, there are Jeong Yeon and her sister Seong Yeon. Jeong Yeon is the member of TWICE. Meanwhile, Seong Yeon is an actress. They are really close siblings with great talents.

If Hayeon debuts in a girl group, she will be Taeyeon's junior and both will be in the same entertainment industry. But there is no news yet from SM Entertainment about the plan for Hayeon's debut. Taeyeon always shows support for her sister to have the right path in her career.

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