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Minzy Reveals Having No Memories of Her School Days In Recent 'Unnie's Slam Dunk 2' Episode

By Eddwyn A. | May 13, 2017 11:32 AM EDT

The May 12 episode of "Unnie's Slam Dunk 2" showed the Unnies gearing up for their debut. During which, 2NE1's Minzy was reminded of her passion for studying.

As reported by Soompi, Minzy and the Unnies were preparing for their debut in the latest episode of the show. The Unnies were discussing about a school girl concept.

This reminded Minzy of her passion for studying. The 2NE1 member sacrificed school as she followed her dreams of becoming an idol.

The members started asking Minzy regarding her class rank when she was in elementary. Minzy humbly replied that there were 2 kids who were always ahead of her, meaning she usually ranks 3rd in the class.

Minzy further revealed that she would catch up on her academics. Because of her efforts, she received a 3-year scholarship, which she never took.

Similarly on the May 5 episode of the show, Minzy revealed that she doesn't have any friends at school because she would always leave. Instead of studying, she often comes to the training room to practice.

"I often thought to myself, 'I want to play with friends too," said Minzy. "I want to run around outside and play on the playground together, I want to eat with friends.'"

Minzy also revealed on the episode how she has never on any school/field trip before. Furthermore, Minzy added how she has no memory of school as she was dead set on becoming an idol and trained hard.

With this, Kang Ywon said "You have friends," and pointed at everyone on the train they were riding on. The Unnies also promised to gift Minzy with memories on the trip they were on.

Meanwhile, Minzy and the Unnies debuted with "Right?" on May 12 at midday KST. As reported by All Kpop, the song immediately achieved an all-kill status.

"Right?" by Minzy and the Unnies ranked No. 1 on all 8 major music charts in Korea. The group even surpassed Psy's latest single "I Luv It" which only ranked No. 2.

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