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'Sister's Slam Dunk' Season Two's PD Congratulated Unnies For Receiving An All-Kill With The Song 'Right?'

By Siti Fatimah | May 15, 2017 05:56 PM EDT

Unnies just made their debut on May 12 with their song "Right?" They received an all-kill after the release of the song. JYP gave a shout out to Kim Hyung Suk and Somi to congratulate them

After Unnies received an all-kill for their song "Right?," JYP posted on his Instagram to congratulate his teacher Kim Hyung Suk and Somi. He was so proud of all staff and everyone in "Sister's Slam Dunk" for this achievement, AllKpop reported. JYP pointed out his congratulation to his teacher because it was three days before Teacher's Day.

As for Somi, she is under JYP Entertainment who failed to debut with TWICE. But she didn't give up and joined "Produce 101" season one and won the first place. She then debuted in IOI. After IOI disbandment, she joined "Sister's Slam Dunk" and debuted with Unnies. Somi has worked really hard and that is why JYP is really proud of her. She has improved a lot since "Sixteen."

Unnies didn't only release their MV for "Right?" They also made a hot debut on "Music Bank." The girls sang two songs "La La La Song" and "Right?" Koreaboo reported. For the song with choreography, it is only "Right?" For "La La La Song," there is no choreography. The girls showed more of their vocal skills in this non-choreography song.

JYP is not the only who congratulated Unnies for their success in receiving an all-kill. The PD of "Sister's Slam Dunk" also congratulated all the members. In his post, he shared how he was really proud of the hard work of the girls. He didn't expect for this great result because the season two was not really popular compared to the season one, Soompi reported.

One of Unnies' members, Somi, also shared the success by posting a screenshot of the music charts. In her Instagram, she thanked the fans for their support. She also shared that the members were crying and hugging each other for this success.

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