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Kim Yong Guk Complimented After His Recent Performance On 'Produce 101'

By Siti Fatimah | May 15, 2017 05:22 PM EDT

Kim Yong Guk received compliments from netizens for his recent performance in "Produce 101" season two.
Kim Yong Guk received much attention for his great performance singing "If It Is You" on the recent episode of "Produce 101" season two. Check it out here (Photo : Produce 101 Boys/YouTube)

Kim Yong Guk recently received a lot of attention from netizens after his performance on the last episode of "Produce 101" season two. Many people called him a hidden jewel because he showed great talents in the position battle.

Kim Yong Guk with Kim Ye Hyeon, Joo Jin Woo, and Kim Sung Ri performed the ballad track ''If It Is You'' in the sixth episode of "Produce 101." In this vocal position battle, Kom Yong Guk stood out the most among others because of his great performance, AllKpop reported.

Many netizens commented on Kim Yong Guk after watching his performance. Some netizens didn't even know him and noticed him only after his performance in "If It Is You." Other netizens commented saying that he was really handsome and he could sing really well.

After watching Kim Yong Guk's impressive performance, netizens wanted him to be in the top 11. They thought that he deserved on top. Meanwhile, in the last ranking, there were some changes in the position. Park Ji Hoon was no longer in the first place and dropped into the third place, AllKpop reported.

Unfortunately, Kim Yong Guk was in the 35th place in the recent episode of the show. Even though his rank was low, many netizens predicted that his rank would go up because they saw his nice performance on stage. With his skill and handsome face, he will be recognized more.

Kim Yong Guk is a trainee from Choon Entertainment who is currently competing to be the top 11 in "Produce 101." In the recent episode, he was complimented by the vocal trainer Lee Suk Hoon for his great skill. In the voting, Kim Yong Guk earned the first place among his teammates, Soompi reported.

 "Produce 101" season two receives much attention from viewers and it is a very popular show. Recently, the show received compliments for giving the trainees chance to get scored based on their skills. People need to wait for another week to watch the next episode to see the changes in rank position.

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