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The New Still Cuts Of 'The King Loves' Show Im Siwan & YoonA As Couple

By Siti Fatimah | May 16, 2017 06:51 AM EDT

New still cuts of "The King Loves" showing Im Siwan and Yoona on a date in a forest.
The upcoming historical drama "The King Loves" just released new still cuts. It showed Im Siwan and YoonA had a romantic date in a forest. (Photo : Romantic Tv/YouTube)

"The King Loves" just released new still cuts showing Im Siwan and YoonA in one scene. In this cuts, Im Siwan and YoonA look like a great couple.

"The King Loves" is a new drama from MBC that will air in June 2017. Previously, the drama has released the first still cuts showing Im Siwan hiding his King identity. "The King Loves" is a traditional drama which takes time in Goryeo period. The story is about a love triangle between Im Siwan, YoonA, and Hong Jong Hyun, Soompi reported.

For this character, Im Siwan has shown his dedication by learning more of the character that he will play. Im Siwan is a new actor but his acting has been praised a lot. He is known for his professionalism on set and he can play his character really well. He won the Special Judges Award for his role in "Misaeng."

In the next still cuts, it showed the scene of Im Siwan, YoonA, and Hong Jong Hyun. In the scene, YoonA was in the middle of sneaking up on Siwan and she asked Hong Jong Hyun to stay quiet, AllKpop reported.

The story is interesting since it involved the love triangle in historical time. In the new still cuts, Im Siwan and YoonA were enjoying a nice date in the forest. The gaze between the two leads was really lovely, Soompi reported.

Besides the love story, viewers will also be able to see the beauty of Korea. In the still cuts, many scenes were taken in nature with flowers and trees. The newest cuts where YoonA and Im Siwan had a date in a forest were really beautiful.

People cannot wait to see this upcoming drama because they want to see the chemistry between Im Siwan and YoonA. Moreover, there must be some jealousy because there is Hong Jong Hyun in the relationship of Im Siwan and YoonA.

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