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P.O.P Did An Amazing Job Covering BTS' Latest Hit Song 'Spring Day'

By Siti Fatimah | May 18, 2017 03:51 PM EDT

P.O.P did an amazing cover of BTS' "Spring Day."
P.O.P haven't made their debut but they already received much attention by covering BTS' song "Spring Day." (Photo : popofficial2017/YouTube)

Rookie girl group P.O.P did an awesome job covering BTS' song "Spring Day." People praised their cover because of Haeri's beautiful voice and great skill in playing guitar.

P.O.P is a sister group of MAMAMOO who haven't made their debut yet. They have already received much attention from netizens because of their beautiful cover of BTS' latest hit song "Spring Day." They uploaded their cover on their official YouTube account on May 17, AllKpop reported.

"Spring Day" is an emotional song and P.O.P added up the emotion into the song and made the cover filled with feelings. Even before their debut, this group is really promising for showing their great talents, SBS reported.

P.O.P (pronounced as pee oh pee) will be the new girl group debuted from RBW Entertainment. The company says that the girl group is still in a progress but they plan to debut it in 2017. Their debut is anticipated a lot because they have talented vocals and great personalities, Kpopmap reported.

One of the netizens even commented that P.O.P has the ability to be as popular as BTS after watching their cover of "Spring Day." 2017 will be a great blast with the debut of P.O.P and many other rookie groups.

Meanwhile, their senior group MAMAOO will also have their comeback this year. They are now preparing for having a special summer comeback. The agency released their official statement on Apr. 20 that the girls will have their comeback at the end of June, Soompi reported.

Since debut, MAMAMOO has released some hit songs like "Um Oh Ah Yeah," "You Are The Best," "Piano Man," and much more. They show their great skills in singing and dancing on every performance. People often praise them for their stable voices when they sing the song live.

Having a great senior like MAMAOO, P.O.P debut is anticipated by many people. They want to see what kind of song and concept the girls will bring for their debut.

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