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TWICE Criticized For Allegedly Plagiarizing Hailee Steinfeld’s ‘Starving’ & Lovelyz’s Choreography

By Inami | May 18, 2017 07:01 AM EDT

Twice has been receiving countless positive achievements since its debut. However, the group that recently dropped its latest album is currently under fire after people in online communities accusing it of plagiarism.

According to Allkpop, TWICE is involved in multiple plagiarism accusations with its latest album "Signal". Netizens notice the similarity between TWICE's "Someone Like Me" and Hailee Steinfeld's "Starving," especially in the acoustic start.

JYP Entertainment stated that it's not aware of the accusations. The label is still checking it with the producer of "Starving." JYP's representative promises its party will make an announcement once it settled.

The plagiarism accusation doesn't stop with the acoustic start. Netizens also notice that TWICE might have imitated Lovelyz dance move in "Wow." The hand gesture TWICE makes in "Signal" music video resembles Lovelyz's. As for this matter, JYP refuses to give any follow-up statement. Someone also accused TWICE for plagiarizing DIA's "Heart" choreography.

Many people are obviously disappointed upon finding that TWICE might not have the most original idea in its new album. However, there are people urging everyone not to rush to call it plagiarism. There are a lot of groups in the industry, and it's not impossible if the choreographer accidentally created moves that slightly look similar to the others.

Meanwhile, Billboard mentioned that Sana and co. have been making a lot of progress with over half a billion views on YouTube, top list of music charts, and fantastic album selling. TWICE's last album "Twicecoaster: Lane" peaked at number 4 on World Albums Chart, while its February release "Knock Knock" scored at the fifth position on World Digital Song Sales.

Whether it's true or not TWICE plagiarizes other musician's works, everyone should not rush into judgment and bash the members. As of now, JYP Entertainment is still coordinating with the producer whose work is allegedly plagiarized. Until then, let's just enjoy TWICE's new release "Signal".

Listen to TWICE's "Someone Like Me" below!

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