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Everything To Know About iKON's Comeback

By Staff Writer | May 20, 2017 10:53 AM EDT

Everything To Know About iKON's Comeback
Hit boy band, iKON is reported to soon be releasing its comeback album. Continue to read on to know more about it. (Photo : iKON)

Hit K-pop boy group, iKON, is in for a lot of attention as they are making rounds on the internet due to their upcoming comeback album. Recent reports have it the YG Entertainment, the management company of iKON, has confirmed that the boy group has already started filming their newest music video last March 15.

And now, iKON is already doing the best of what they can to successfully prepare for their comeback. The management company further added that the comeback of iKON will happen after WINNER's. However, up until, now, there is still no confirmed date as to when that comeback will happen.

According to Soompi, reports also have it that iKON is already currently filming their next music video for the comeback album. It is also said that iKON will be featuring double title songs that are written by the members themselves. This will surely distinguish this upcoming album with the previous albums that they had as well as with the other albums of other groups.

It is worth noting that iKON is pretty good when it comes to songwriting and producing their own music videos. Because of this, there is no doubt that their comeback album will top the music charts of the K-pop industry.

It has almost been a year since iKON released an album. According to Hello K-pop, the group even won the New Artist of the Year Award in Japan, as well as Best 3 New Artists Award during the 31st Japan Golden Disc Awards.

With this, there is no doubt that iKON will take on the similar path that their senior group, Big Bang, has. Let's with iKON the best of luck in their upcoming comeback album.

Hopefully, they continue to create and perform more quality music and energetic dance numbers. They surely have what it takes to take the world by storm.

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