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Why SM Entertainment Keeps On Misspelling BoA's Name

By Staff Writer | May 25, 2017 10:22 AM EDT

Just recently, SM Entertainment, the management company of BoA, has made another big mistake in spelling out the name of the K-pop idol. Because of this, the fans can't help but feel angry and disgruntles because of the typo.

This happened during May 22 when a picture of BoA was posted on SM Entertainment's official Instagram account. The post was all about the 2017 SM Global Audition where the company will be searching for potential K-pop idols. In the post, the name of BoA was spelled and written out as "BOA".

Even though it really isn't that much of an issue because it is still spelled right, it is a big deal for the true fans of BoA. It's because BoA should have a lowercase letter "o" and not an uppercase one, as what SM Entertainment wrote in the caption of their Instagram account as "BOA".

According to All K-pop, this same issue also happened during the release of the teaser image of BoA's "Spring Rain". During that time, it is worth noting that BoA frankly told SM Entertainment about their fault.

Now, there are already a lot of fans that are disgruntled with the carelessness that her management company shows. According to Soompi, the mistake of SM Entertainment is even a sign of disrespect because it already happened two times. It also shows that the management company doesn't pay much detail to their own stars and idols, knowing that BoA is fairly easy to spell and to remember in stylizing it.

Because of this, SM Entertainment was forced to delete the post and they posted a new one which now bears the right stylizing of BoA's name. Hopefully, SM Entertainment doesn't do the same mistake again next time, because if it was to happen again, then it would be clearly intentional.

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