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TWICE Danced To 'Signal' At Double Speed On 'Weekly Idol'

By Siti Fatimah | May 25, 2017 05:28 PM EDT

TWICE just danced to "Signal" at 2x speed as the mission that they had to do on "Weekly Idol." The girls did their best and they were out of breath for doing the dance at the fast speed.

It was not easy to dance at double speed of "Signal" as some moves required the girls to move around. TWICE made an appearance on "Weekly Idol" aired on May 24 and they showed off great teamwork doing the missions given, AllKpop reported.

Dancing at double speed was not the only mission and TWICE was given various missions throughout the show. Some of the missions were acting cute, re-enacting Sailor Moon, and much more. When the girls were asked to re-enact Sailor Moon one by one, Mina came out as the winner and she was given grilled meat as the prize.

TWICE just made a comeback with "Signal," the first song composed by JYP for the group. The song is about a girl who wants to send love signal to the boy she likes. The song received an all-kill after its release but it drew some negative comments from some netizens, Korea Portal reported.

Netizens think that TWICE's new song lacks in quality but despite the negative comments, the album selling is really good. Due to the popularity of TWICE, JYP Entertainment's stock increases up to 7,28%, One Hallyu reported.

Because of TWICE's great success, JYP is reported to have a new building for the company. The new building will be bigger and nicer compared to the current building. Thanks to TWICE, JYP Entertainment has made a huge improvement in their business.

TWICE has shown their improvement in showing their talents in several variety shows. Previously, the girls appeared on "Ask Us Anything" and they did great by showing their talents. They were also able to communicate with the hosts really well and the chemistry was really good.

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