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BTS Not Keen On Shifting To US Market, Says Korean Language Is How They Communicate Best

By Angie Chui | May 30, 2017 09:18 AM EDT

While the door has blasted wide open for BTS to enter the US market with their Billboard Music Awards win for Top Social Artist, it seems that the Bangtan Boys are not keen on shifting their focus from their fans in Korea. When asked what their plans are for entering the US market, BTS leader Rap Monster was quite candid in his answer.

"Since we're Korean singers, we look the best when singing in Korean. If you think about, it's unbelievable that we won a Billboard award," Rap Monster said about BTS' recent accomplishment, SBS Pop Asia reported. He added that the Korean language is the best way they know to communicate their message and their music. "Going back to our debut in 2013, winning a Billboard award was something we never could've even dreamed of."

BTS member Suga, for his part, said that they were able to win the award because of good content that transcended the language barrier and connected with the audience. In an earlier interview, Rap Monster credited BTS' official fandom called ARMY, for working tirelessly to spread their music and translate their interviews so that it reaches more people in various parts of the world.

BTS is known not only for fusing different genres of music together but also producing songs that deal with issues that are important to young people such as suicide and depression, among others. The Bangtan boys draw inspiration from their own experiences which enable them to reach their fans on a deeper level.

The Billboard Music Awards victory was especially meaningful for the K-pop industry because it was the first time it was able to fully represent in the international music scene. Following BTS' win over international superstars like Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes, "who is BTS" became the top searched topic on Google and a rising interest in K-pop became noticeable among music fans worldwide.

While they don't have any specific plans about shifting their market to the US, BTS expressed excitement over potential collaborations with international artists. It was already announced by award winning DJ and producer Steve Aoki that there will be a collaboration with himself, BTS and Halsey while The Chainsmokers teased that they will be meeting up this summer to possibly work on some epic tunes, All Kpop reported.

However, the highlight of their Billboard journey for BTS was when Celine Dion personally invited them to attend her concert. Unfortunately, since the boys are currently on the final leg of their Wings World Tour, they were unable to attend the renowned artist's performance. 

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