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‘Produce 101’ Season 2: Lim Min Young Penalized For Foul Play, Pledis Ent. Responds To Controversy On NU’EST Album Release

By Inami | June 01, 2017 10:54 AM EDT

"Produce 101" Season 2 has decided to penalize Lim Min Young for cheating, adding the list of contestants who have committed foul play in the competition.

Allkpop reported, Lim Min Young has been accused of cheating and spoiling rankings to his girlfriend, which is strongly prohibited. Angry fans of the trainee accused him of cheating, just like Kang Daniel, Kim Dong Bin, and Lee Ki Won did previously. Moreover, Lim Min Young's brother said in an online chat room that Lim Min Young had requested certain songs on the show, which is clearly against the rules.

However, viewers aren't satisfied with the outcome. They're questioning a lot of odd things, such as how Lim Min Young's brother knew what he wanted. They're also arguing about the spoiled results that were too accurate to assume it as a coincidence, considering Lim Min Young has jumped significantly well in the ranking.

Meanwhile, Pledis Entertainment has responded to the recent controversy about NU'EST album re-release. Four members of NU'EST are currently competing on "Produce 101", and releasing an album may violate their contracts with the show, as per Soompi.

Previously, there were reports saying a music website was ordered to reissue NU'EST Japanese album version "Bridge The World" and claimed it was set to be released in Korea this month. Netizens argued that it's inappropriate if contestants releasing a new album while they're also competing in a survival show. Some viewers even started a petition and demanded NU'EST members to either be penalized or leave the show.

Pledis Entertainment pleaded innocent saying NU'EST albums re-release was not something the agency requested as its party wasn't aware of the report.

NU'EST members have done pretty well on "Produce 101" Season 2. Kim Jong Hyun is currently in the first place, followed by his bandmates on the top 35 list.

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