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BIGBANG Members Receive Drug Test After T.O.P Arrested

By Siti Fatimah | June 02, 2017 03:33 PM EDT

After T.O.P was positive for using marijuana and got arrested, other members of BIGBANG were also tested for marijuana use. After the test came out positive, T.O.P finally admitted using marijuana when previously he denied it.

Previously, T.O.P denied smoking marijuana when he was caught smoking one at his house with a female trainee. It was right before his enlistment and when the test was positive, he finally admitted to smoking one. YG Entertainment also reacted to the situation, saying their apology and stated that the artist was regretting of his wrongdoing, Kpopmap reported.

About the female trainee caught up smoking marijuana with T.O.P, it turned out to be Han Seo Hee. She was joining "Birth of a Great Star 3" and she couldn't make it into top 12. Yet, she received many offers from various agencies and she chose one. Her agency said that they had nothing to do with So Hee's action since her contract was terminated for personal reasons, Soompi reported.

It is disappointing for BIGBANG's fans because previously G-Dragon also caught up using the drug. In YG Entertainment, Park Bom also caught up using drug and fans thought that T.O.P didn't learn from the two artists.

In the middle of the talk of T.O.P being positive using marijuana, there was news saying that another BIGBANG member was also tested earlier this year but the result was negative for all kinds of drugs, including marijuana, Bigbang Updates reported. Yet, another report said that all BIGBANG member were also tested for the drug use after T.O.P was positive using one.

There is still no definite news revealing which members did the drug test besides T.O.P. Even though T.O.P was using one, V.I.P hopes that there will be no more members using one because it can make a bad impact on them. Moreover, there is a big chance that they will be put behind bars for using marijuana. For T.O.P's case, he needs to wait for the further result from prosecutors to know what will happen to him.

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